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People who are in favour of democratic and political conflictsolutions within international crises, are all forthcoming wars of this world to fight decided.
Informations and dates towards anti-war-demonstrations are to be found at the site of the Austrian Social Forum. (German) and
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Welcome to graPHiX!
There are no common standards in visual communication. Humans are individuals, communicating on different levels and by different means. But there are, however, these reliable basics which make communication possible.

Clarity and reduction.
Creativity and perception.
An open mind and phantasy.

Looking into the future without neglecting the past.
Recognizing the visions and following the targets.
Evaluating the memories and trusting the perspectives.
Accepting light and shadow as two equal partners.

In detail: Creating, experimenting and communicating with pleasure.

In general: Living and enjoying life. Exploring different ways - and finding your own one.

Seeing instead of just looking, that is.

"If you want to build a ship,
don't just gather your men to collect wood,
to prepare the tools, to develop tasks, to give orders.
But teach them the desire for the wide and endless sea."
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
Xaver Debler | Screen Designer from Munich / Germany |
Comments and contacts / E-Mail to:
Here are some of my works as a freelance screen designer concerning concept, design and production.
Labels PR
The web adaption of the print image presentation of Labels PR, Duesseldorf. The corporate design was slightly changed and enlarged corresponding to the special needs of the internet.
Labels PR
Portfolio and archive website for the freelance photographer Michael Klein.
One of the main tasks was to develop an eye-friendly background, which suits b/w- as well as coloured pictures.
Website for the NLP™ and DHE™ trainer Petra Rupp.
A green and rich website - with a large glossar- and date database and an online survey.
Inquiries and contact / E-Mail to:
Thomas Bernhards Heldenplatz in the press
"Thomas Bernhards Heldenplatz in the press". It contains a detailed press documentation of the "Heldenplatz scandal", the story behind "Heldenplatz", the analized public opinion, politician quotes, a timetable of life and work as well as a link list of Thomas Bernhard.
Thomas Bernhard || Photographiert von Sepp Dreissinger
"A man of the mind is never understood
said the professor
he walks through his life all alone
even when they freeze to death at his side
said the professor"

To optimize the visibility the text will be opened in a new window. There is only a german version available!
"Thomas Bernhards Heldenplatz in the press"
Personal Data
Name: Xaver Debler
E-Mail to:
 Xaver Debler
I love photography, literature, music and life, my family and friends. I love travelling, dreaming. The country of light - Portugal. I like the spring, going out - and coming back again. I like the feeling after a sleepless night and to sense the peaceful atmosphere, which lies over the city streets. I like cocktails, wine and cooking together with friends. I like laughing, talking, listening. I like stories and old things - furniture, houses, books. I can easily spend hour after hour working my way through small second hand shops.

I have an old soul.
Languages: German, English
My Internet-Projects
Guest book of the extra class for your homepage! For the private and the commercial use free of charge!
SMS / MMS Free-Service: 10x SMS/MMS
free of charge & advertising-free
- SMS dispatching (D, AT, CH,)
- international SMS
Find volume from each category. Music from skirt to Pop and Techno to Metal. For everyone the correct music volume.
My on-line activity
Since 2004 I am with various customer projects busily and since September 2006 the operator of
PUROTEC ::: Discount-Hosting ::: products & services approximately around the InterNet!
In the context of my activity with PUROTEC I transferred several NON-PROFIT-PROJECTS the support and continuation.
E-Mail to:
Graphic Design || Design:
| elixirstudio | ths | xtrapop | center of the world |
| visual diaries | Ondrea Barbe | Joanne Savio |
Design Portals:
| netdiver | | reinvent | three.oh |
graphix ['graefix] name for the virtual-visual playground. The web-space for thoughts, works and information from and about Xaver Debler.
This site represents only a small part of my work and can only display my perception of good design. The new version meets my own requirements better than the old one.

Updates in the different categories appear, when there are new ideas and new material. In spite of a lack of time (don't we we all suffer from it?) I will continue my efforts of being up-to-date.

I appreciate any kind of feedback on my site, comments, suggestions or just a friendly Hello.

This version of was optimized for a monitor resolution of 1024x768 and works together with all common browsers (small errors in Netscape 6). However, I would suggest to install one of the modern browsers, which supports the HTML 4.0 standard. You'll find more information on browser standards at Webstandards. I personally prefer the Microsoft Internet Explorer.

This site meets the HTML 4.01 standard according to W3C.

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Open Newsarchive
As you might have mentioned I did'nt put a lot of work in the maintenance of this site. Because of this reason I decided to reconstruct this site within the next few months to a portfolio site of my graphical works.

I just found the wonderful website of Rolfe Horn. Atmospheric black and white landscape photographies of highest quality.// 22:46

Visualdiaries has updated with another photographic series. This time photographies from Korea taken by Matthew Smolinsky.// 12:48

Happy eastern everywhere! Hope you found all your eastereggs already...
Here is a photographers website again which is realy well done. The design and the photographies are convincing. Jorn Tomter.
And Nineaem updated his site with new photographies.// 12:41

Visit the online portfolio of Robert Lewis Smith. Very beautiful landscape photographies from Ireland.

The Bulgarian Beauty Project.// 09:25

Karen Biain is a young designer from Spanien. I like the grassland at the homepage.// 18:11

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